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Instructions for Using the Scheduler Feature (To Create a Schedule)

Step 1: Import your caseload or manually enter in demographics for each student on your caseload. In order for the scheduler to be effective you will want to make sure you at least have the following information: name, grade, teacher name, type of therapy, service time and number of sessions. 

 Please note: Services times are per week. Click on the plus sign next to weekly service minutes to add the number of sessions per week. The time will default to 30 minutes, edit as needed. You can adjust the length of each session as needed. This is great for students that you see for different amounts of time. For example, if you have a student that comes 2 sessions per week and you would like to see him 1 x for 30 minutes and 1 x for 20 minutes. 

Step 2: Use this form or one of your own to request preferred times for pull out from teachers. If you are unable to get preferred times, then review the teacher’s schedule and select a few times that would be appropriate (i.e. times other than core academics, recess or specials).

Step 3: Click on the 'Schedules' tab at the top of the screen.

Step 4: From the 'Actions' button, select 'New Schedule.' Name the schedule, and select custom times if needed. The schedule will default to 7:00 am to 4:00 p.m., adjust as need as your work day can not be edited once this is selected. Click create schedule. (You are able to add as many schedules as you would like. This is helpful if you are on a campus with an A/B week, work on multiple campuses, or want to try a few different schedule options). If you need to edit the name of a schedule, click on the schedule and you can edit the name in the top left corner.

Step 5: Add non-therapy events (i.e. lunch, meetings, billing, testing, etc.) to your schedule by right clicking anywhere in the schedule. Select the event from the drop down or customize one of your own by clicking “other” at the bottom of the list, typing the name of the event in the box and clicking create. You can then drag the event anywhere in the schedule. Non-therapy events default to 30 minutes. You can increase/decrease that time by hovering over the right edge of the event and dragging the arrow right or left. To remove a non-therapy event, click on the event and click remove.

Step 6: To schedule therapy sessions, select the teacher that you would like to start with in the bottom right corner of the screen. The names of the students that need to be scheduled will generate in the large box on the bottom of the screen. Students requiring multiple sessions per week will show up that many times in the box. 

Step 7: Select the preferred time block for that teacher by clicking or dragging your mouse.

Step 8: Click schedule. Students will populate in one of the available times.

Step 9: Clear the selected times unless the times will be the same for the next selected teacher. 

Step 10: Select the next teacher and continue until all students have been scheduled. You will know if all of the students have been schedule if there is no longer a number next to the teacher’s name (this number represents how many student times need to be scheduled). Please note: If a student is unable to be scheduled into a selected time, you will get a note that says: The below students could not be automatically scheduled. The reason a student is unable to be scheduled is because the times selected were not long enough to meet the service time defined for the student or the student has multiple sessions but only one day is available. The system will not automatically schedule a student twice on the same day. You can click the ? next to the notice for a list of possible reasons why the student was unable to be scheduled. At any time you are able to move students around. If you do not like the session that the student was scheduled in you can select and drag them anywhere on the screen. If you would like to rearrange students by treatment area, hover over the students name and it will list the treatment areas. 

You can remove a student from the schedule by hovering over the name and clicking remove.

Step 11: You can close the schedule at any time and anything that was done will be saved. (Double check to make sure that you have Wi-Fi and most recent changed were saved prior to closing the schedule).

Step 12: You can print the schedule by clicking 'Actions' at the top of the screen and selecting 'Print'.   

Step 13: You can export the file to iCal or Google calendar by clicking on the 'Actions' button at the top of the screen and selecting 'Download for ical.' You can also export the schedule to a .csv file if you would like to edit/customize it by selecting 'Download .csv' from the 'Actions' button. Please note: when opening in a spreadsheet it will often condense the data, to see the full schedule you may need to expand the columns and rows. 


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